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14 December

I'm burning up a Sun

just to say Goodbye

She's an economist lended to the world of fantasy or maybe a person too imaginative for economic studies.
She has a constant love and hate report with her inspiration and her writing capabilities, and at least one time a week she proposes herserf: " I'll give up on writing from tomorrow!", but she's too in love with the writing world to do it for real.
As because she's a Sagittarius,she loves traveling around the world and learning new languages.
She's bursting with ideas... that's a pity that often she has no time and/ or is not willing to put them into practice... really!
She eats up avidly fantasy books and historical essays. She also loves anime, manga and Sci-Fi TV series (especially BBC ones).
This and so much else is reilin.

Doctor Who,Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Supernatural and almost all the Sci-Fi TV series,the Eleventh Doctor, River Song,the DocxRiver pairing, Matt Smith, Alex Kingston,Philip Glenister, John Simm,Keeley Hawes, the mattex and the galex fanfics,the Winchester Brothers,Castiel, the Destiel pairing, Misha Collins, Spock's logical thoughts,the French Musical (especially Le Roi Soleil and Mozart L'Opèra Rock), all kind of music from classical to hard rock c:, reading books, comics and manga, watching some good films and anime, Jared Leto, photoshopping, netsurfing, learning css code, and waiting for a mad man with a blue box!

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